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Working Principle Of Hoisting Equipment

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Most lifting devices start vertically or vertically and have a horizontal work schedule after picking.After reaching the destination, uninstall, then empty the trip to the location of the material, complete a work cycle, and then carry out the second suspension or transport.

Generally speaking, when the lifting equipment is working, picking, transporting and unloading are carried out sequentially, and the work of the corresponding agencies is intermittent. Lifting equipment is mainly used to carry into pieces of goods, equipped with grab bucket can be transported coal, ore, grain, such as bulk materials, equipped with barrels can be suspended after the liquid steel and other liquids. Some lifting machines, such as elevators, can also be used for manned use. In some use cases, lifting equipment is also the main operating machinery, such as in the port and station loading and unloading material cranes are the main operating machinery.

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