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Principle Of Drying Equipment

- Jul 19, 2017 -

    The indirect heat transfer dryer and the assembly type drying equipment are the same, the combination of steam drying and hot air drying, through the combustion furnace and fuel, while heating the steam generator to produce steam, and hot water circulation exchanger to produce hot wind. At this time the steam on the material cooking, degreasing, and then use heat exchanger hot air, in the role of the fan, the body in the hot air flow cycle repeatedly, the material out of the water through a unique design of the pipeline to take away, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.


    Wet slices from the upright dryer top into the dryer, full of the whole dryer, hot air door dryer, the lower part of the dryer through the entire slicing material layer of the back-door device for recycling. The dried slices are haiku from the bottom of the drier. The dryer is filled with slices, frustrated slice from the top of the device to continue to add, the slice of the column in the box of the cylinder itself gravity is piston-type flow, hot air white dryer into the lower part of the gas-solid two-phase upstream contact, heat exchange, restore the slices of water to Yanyu evaporation of steam with the air discharged.

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