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Lifting Equipment Daily

- Jul 19, 2017 -

The working principle of the hoisting equipment is much the same, and the following is a brief introduction of the working principle of the most frequently used lifts:

 Lifts consist of a lift device consisting of a walking mechanism, a hydraulic mechanism, an electric control mechanism, and a supporting body. Hydraulic oil from the vane pump to form a certain pressure, through the oil filter, flameproof type solenoid directional valve, throttle valve, hydraulic control valve, balance valve into the lower end of the liquid cylinder, so that the piston upward movement of the liquid, lifting the heavy weight, the upper end of the tank back oil through the explosion-proof solenoid reversing valve back to the tank, the pressure through the overflow valve to adjust, through the pressure gauge to observe the Liquid cylinder piston downward movement, hydraulic oil through the explosion-proof solenoid valve into the upper end of the liquid cylinder, the lower end of the oil through the balance valve, hydraulic control valve, throttle, flameproof solenoid reversing valve back to the tank. To enable The weight drop is steady, the brake is safe and reliable, the balance valve is set on the return circuit, the balance circuit and the pressure are kept, so that the descending speed is not changed by the heavy weight, the throttle valve regulates the flow, and the speed is controlled. In order to make the brake safe and reliable, to prevent accidents, increase the hydraulic control one-way valve, that is, to ensure that the hydraulic pipe burst when the accident can be safely self-locking.

 An overloaded voice alarm is installed to distinguish between overloading or equipment failure. Electrical control system through the explosion-proof button sb1-sb6 to control the rotation of the motor, flameproof solenoid reversing valve to maintain the load rise or fall, and through the "logo" program to adjust the time delay

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