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Granulation Considerations

- Jul 18, 2017 -

Granulating machine work in the process of attention

 1, at any time to pay attention to the body temperature changes, with a clean hand touch the note when the touch should be heated immediately. Until the note touch is normal. 

2, reducer bearing parts of the burner, or accompanied by noise should be timely maintenance, and refueling. 

3, the host bearing room at both ends of the bearing part of the hot burner or a murmur, to stop overhaul and add butter. When working normally, the bearing room is added with butter every 5-6 days. 

4, pay attention to the operation of the machine law, such as: temperature, speed, can be based on the situation, timely treatment. 

5, the fuselage operation is not stable, should pay attention to check whether the gap between the couplings is too tight, to be timely loosen some.

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