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Energy-saving Renovation Of Drying

- Jul 19, 2017 -

      A lot of drying needs to use rotary dryer, such as slime drying, lees drying, forage drying, ore drying, quartz sand drying, yellow sand drying, sand drying, calcium carbonate drying and so on.The most common use of the above drying single cylinder rotary dryer (single cylinder type, relative to the multi-layer sleeve rotary dryer, in practical use, it is found that these single cylinder dryers generally have higher energy consumption, compared with fluidized bed and boiling bed drying, but it is easier to control and operate than fluidized bed and boiling bed. And not susceptible to too much wind. (Fluidized bed, boiling bed drying easily affected by wind, often when the bag dust, water membrane dust and other resistance changes, will make fluidized bed, fluidized bed performance worse, serious when not to use, and tumble dryer, the impact is not so large. In a word, the rotary dryer is better to use, and the workers are not required to be high. So in many places, still use a lot. But the high energy consumption and user headaches, after all, is the silver every day, in the virtually wasted. The so-called multi-layer sleeve rotary dryer, compared with conventional rotary dryer, a single cylinder, a plurality of cylinders together, the material from the inner cylinder, then to the middle cylinder, and then to the outer cylinder. 

      The same is the dryer, if the length, multi-layer (take three layers as an example) compared with the single tube, the drying stroke increased three times times. In other words, the multi-layer dryer compared with the single cylinder, covers an area of only one-third of the single cylinder. Furthermore, because three cylinders themselves constitute insulation and drying system, that is, the heat emitted from the inner cylinder can be dried in the middle cylinder, a combination of these aspects, energy consumption will naturally be greatly reduced. To dry quartz sand as an example, the multi-layer sleeve type quartz sand is compared with the single barrel type rotary dryer, heating mode (all hot air), the other conditions are the same, multi-layer sleeve-type quartz sand dryer drying out every ton of sand, coal consumption of 8 kilograms, and single tube drying out of sand per ton of 12 kg. Take yellow sand drying as an example, multi-layer sleeve dryer drying 1 tons of sand only needs about 5 yuan, and single cylinder dryer needs more than 10 yuan. From the hot air temperature, you can also see that the air inlet temperature is the same, the exhaust temperature of a single cylinder dryer needs more than 85 degrees to make the sand dry, and the multi-layer rotary drum only needs about 60 degrees. For high moisture materials, such as bean dregs drying, distiller's grains drying, grass drying, multi-layer sleeve Energy saving is more obvious, its drying costs are more economical.

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