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Drying Equipment Note

- Jul 19, 2017 -

  1. Through the above 5 steps to complete the installation of drying equipment, in the installation of the time we should also pay attention to the following problems:

  2. Industrial washing machine installation environment for the best drying, ventilation, clean working environment, good working environment and prolong the service life of drying equipment key factors.

  3. 2. Installation should be strictly referred to the manufacturer to provide instructions in the use of the installation of the contents of the step, do not follow their own sense of installation.

  4. 3, when the installation problems should be the first time with manufacturers to contact. Bag filter is characterized by high efficiency, it can be said in a voluminous gas-solid dispersion settings equipment, its collection efficiency is not other settings equipment, especially to capture 20μm particles are more significant, more than 99% efficiency. Fly ash Dryer Equipment bag filter can be Cyclone Dust catcher not captured fine powder powder two times, to prevent dust discharged into the atmosphere to form resources waste and situation pollution. Fly ash dryer necessary choice of efficient bag filter, bag filter (bag filters or bag filter) often as a powder from the dry exhaust products dispersed in the last a stages of gas-solid distribution equipment, is to intercept the exhaust powder in the last Fangde. With scarce resources and energy, all walks of life to save energy consumption and low loss, reasonable use of energy put forward a lot of requirements, the adoption of a lot of practical measures and policies, especially for some countries in the basic industries and key industries such as coal, power industry, water resources, the use of factories and mines must pay attention to the link.

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