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Drying Equipment Installation

- Jul 19, 2017 -

  1. When the drying equipment is transported by the manufacturer to your laundry room, you must first check the drying equipment regularly, check whether the machine you purchased and whether there is any damage during the shipping process or not, the problem should be photographed immediately and contact with the manufacturer.

  2. 2. Before drying equipment, you should determine the installation location of drying equipment, drying equipment installation location selection should consider the transport channel, raw material turnover, water intake, steam and sewer location, here to remind you drying equipment should be installed in with the dehydration machine, dryer and other equipment, reduce the distance between these devices, to prevent the location because of improper choice and cause follow-up troubles.

  3. 3. Drying equipment belongs to a sections of large size, heavy weight of the laundry equipment, so the machine should be installed on a solid foundation, while maintaining the level, to prevent the site because of the location and installation of the ground irregularities caused by the operation of the equipment when the larger vibration, thereby affecting the washing efficiency and drying equipment service life.

  4. 4. Refer to the Drying Equipment manual, according to the relevant contents of the manual to find drying equipment electrical control cabinet door, according to the wiring column labeled Access 380V three-phase power line and 0 lines (here need to remind: drying equipment must be 380V, prohibit access to low-voltage or high voltage)

  5. 5. Refer to the Drying Equipment body label to indicate the corresponding access to the inlet pipe and steam pipe, if not equipped with steam conditions, can be plugged into the vent. If the steam heating function is used, install the pressure indicating device and safety device at the obvious point of the steam main road outside the machine.

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