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Painting Introduction

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Painting refers to metal, plastic, wood and other materials processed into products, surface cover or decorative layer, with the development of industrial technology, the development of coating technology and equipment in China has undergone the development process from manual to mechanical equipment to automatic production line, coating process is generally: pretreatment, polishing → coating → leveling → drying or curing → wastes treatment.


The coating equipment is the mechanical equipment used to finish the coating process. The coating equipment industry really originated from the introduction of Soviet technology in the 50. Since the beginning of the 60 's, because of the development of light industry, first in the bicycle manufacturing industry has appeared an automated production line, during this period, the main task of China's coating industry is mainly anti-corrosion. However, with the development of China's economy, and the development of foreign painting technology, through technology introduction and the exchange of foreign technology, China's coating technology began to develop rapidly, in the coating automation production, the application of electrostatic spraying and electrophoretic coating technology, the development and popularization of powder spraying technology, especially the booming development in the fields of home appliance industry, daily hardware, steel furniture, aluminum components, electrical products, automobile industry and so on, so that the coating equipment has made remarkable progress and developed rapidly.

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