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Hoisting Equipment Maintenance

- Jul 19, 2017 -

No matter what the industry, in the use of lifting equipment to carry out a safety check on the lifting equipment, and lifting equipment to carry out a maintenance, timely detection of abnormal conditions, and timely treatment to ensure that the lifting machinery safe operation, to avoid any accident. Put some hidden dangers in the bud to eliminate, so not only for the project progress is responsible for the life and property of the construction personnel.


First, from the following three aspects of the lifting equipment need to check the reasons:


1, check the lifting equipment all kinds of protective cover, guardrail, fender, whether the ladder is complete and reliable, the exposed on the crane may cause winding wounding, open-type transmission, coupling, sprocket, chain, transmission belt and other rotating parts have no protective cover, crane people walk the aisle, ladder and may cause the exposed parts of the staff have no guard rails, whether meet the requirements. 

2, open-air cranes electrical equipment should be fortified with rain cover.


3, brake settings, brake type conforms to the design requirements, the brake rod, spring has no fatigue deformation, cracks and other defects, pin shaft, mandrel, brake wheel, brake friction plate is not worn out, hydraulic brake leakage oil, braking clearance adjustment, braking capacity can meet the requirements.

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