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Drying Equipment Maintenance

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Daily Maintenance 

① every day with soft cotton cloth to wipe the equipment to keep the appearance neat.

 ② every day before starting to check the gas source triple pieces, when the oil level is not enough to add lubricating oil, and will be discharged water. 

③ Daily cleaning of the Dust collection box in the velvet, to ensure good ventilation, so that equipment to play the best drying effect.

 Monthly Maintenance

① Open the trunk lid and use a soft cotton cloth to clean the interior of the equipment. 

② the bearings and other moving parts to add lubricating oil to reduce friction. 

③ Check the Belt tensioning Force, adjust the pulley.

④ on the vibration after the easy to cause loosening and shedding parts, including electrical wiring, door rocker arm, pipe joints, etc. to be strong. Annual Maintenance 

① check if the fixed bolts on the base are loose and solid. 

② Check support spring connection tightness and adjust. 

③ Check the grounding of the equipment and ensure reliable. 

④ Check the control of the computer board, the flexibility of the wind wheel and heat exchanger.

⑤ to the equipment on the temperature meter and other instruments sent to the local Technical Supervision Bureau measurement.

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