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Coating elements

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Three basic factors affecting coating quality: coating material, coating process and coating management

 1. Coating materials. The basic condition of obtaining high quality coating is to select the quality of the pretreatment agent and coating for electrostatic spraying gun and its working matching. Selection of paint, generally from the performance of the paint, coating performance, economic effects, and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. It is generally used to draw on other people's experience, or to determine by trial. 

2. Coating process. The necessary condition for obtaining high quality coating is to give full play to the coating process of the coating material. The coating process includes the rationality and advancement of coating technology, the advanced nature of painting equipment and painting tools, the advanced and reliability of coating equipment and painting tools, the environmental conditions of painting and the skill and quality of the painting operators.

 3. Coating management. Coating management is to ensure the implementation of coating process, to achieve the purpose of painting and coating quality of the important conditions. Coating management including process management, equipment management, process discipline management, on-site environmental management, personnel management. Painting management is a necessary link in modern painting process

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