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Coating Application Field

- Jul 19, 2017 -

High-purity organic coating equipment with plate-type formation, the apparent quality of the requirements of high, smooth and delicate film, the color is soft, and the film adhesion is strong, with a good bending processing function, in a variety of complex processing conditions, the coating does not crack, do not peel; with certain anti-pollution ability, easy to clean and scrub characteristics, more applications in clean rooms and other walls.


High-purity Organic coating board is a kind of functional organic coating board. With the continuous development of our economy, especially in recent years, electronic, biological, pharmaceutical and other High-tech industries rapid growth, coating equipment clean room is widely used in various industries. As the main structure of clean room, organic coating board has been widely used.


The cleanliness grade of electronic factory, hospital and food processing workshop is divided into thousand-level, $number and $number. Often said the 100 level of cleanliness refers to 1 cubic feet of space, greater than 0.5 micron particles must be less than 100, 10 is 1 cubic feet of space, 0.5 micron particles must be less than 10, 1000 level can not more than 1000. Make the coating equipment utilization rate to a higher level, we need to establish a reasonable coating production line: First of all, to determine the production program, the completion of process design, program planning, before the non-standard equipment design, manufacture and installation. Therefore, the process design and plan planning are the basis of establishing the production line, and the correct and reasonable route will have a decisive influence on the production operation and the product quality. The content of process design mainly includes: Pretreatment method for surface coating quality of workpiece, spraying method, process flow, coating performance, spraying environment and time.

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