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Classification of waste crusher

- Jul 19, 2017 -

Living Garbage When dealing with large waste materials, the key is the crushing efficiency and maintenance costs are low two points, compressed volume of waste material makes the next packaging, transportation process is very convenient.


The large-scale waste crusher consists of a specially designed rotary cutter shaft system and a blade cutting system. The random rotation of the blade with different length makes the edge area of the coarse waste crusher and the central area can be effectively cut.

With high output, low maintenance cost characteristics. 

It's a good helper for the city's garbage disposal center, which can quickly break down the rubbish, Background of building waste crusher With the rapid development of urbanization, the production and discharge quantity of construction rubbish in cities is increasing rapidly. People in the enjoyment of urban civilization at the same time, also suffer from the city's garbage, which is a considerable proportion of construction waste, about the total amount of garbage $number, according to the relevant information, through the brick mix structure, the full cast structure and frame structure of construction material loss of rough statistics, in every square metre construction process, only construction waste residue will produce $number tons. If according to this measure, our country construction construction only produces and discharges the construction waste residue to surpass 100 million tons each year, plus the construction decoration, the demolition, the building materials industry produces the construction rubbish quantity will reach hundreds of millions of tons. That is, in adhering to the guidelines of resource utilization and environmental protection, we should follow the principle of fast clearance and nearest treatment, and timely and effective removal and disposal of construction rubbish in the disaster area, so that the construction rubbish can be used effectively.

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