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Basic requirements of Crusher

- Jul 19, 2017 -

When choosing a crushing machine, the following basic requirements should be met.

 (1) The processing scale of the equipment must be based on the design process and the existing processing capacity, the normal handling capacity of the crusher is related to the type of material, the size of feed, the density, and the requirement of discharging size.


(2) The Crusher's type and type should be selected according to the nature and size of the crushed material.

(3) The use of crushing machinery should be accompanied by environmental protection measures. For dry-type crusher at room temperature, dust-removing device should be used to prevent dust from polluting the atmosphere

(4) Protective measures should be taken for crushing machinery and process. When the crushed material contains inflammable and explosive materials, appropriate safety measures should be taken, such as the installation of sprinkler taps and so on.

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